Richard Holden asks the Education Secretary about Coronavirus and Schools

Richard Holden, MP for North West Durham, has today asked the Secretary of State for Education about the reopening of schools during the coronavirus pandemic. You can watch his question here

Richard has been speaking regularly with local headteachers, teachers and all support staff about how they are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and took the time during his question to thank staff at schools in North West Durham for remaining open, which has been so important for all pupils but particularly those who are vulnerable. The Education Secretary joined him in thanking all staff for their hard work and dedication throughout the current public health crisis.

Richard also asked for reassurance that the safety of pupils will remain the top priority of government going forward as and when schools start to reopen. He also asked for reassurance that children going back to school will be fully eligible for testing and tracing as their teachers are already. The Secretary of State confirmed that testing will be available for children and their parents and stressed the importance of testing.

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