Richard Holden gives his maiden speech

Richard Holden, MP for North West Durham, today gave his maiden speech in the House of Commons – you can watch his full speech here

Richard spoke about a number of issues and what his priorities are for North West Durham and his constituents over the next few years. He will be working on better transport links, both within and in and out of North West Durham, including trainlines, road links and bus services. Richard will also be campaigning to protect and improve local services such as Shotley Bridge Hospital (find out more about this here) and will be working on driving economic development to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get a good and well-paid job and that North West Durham remains an attractive tourist destination. 

Richard pledged to campaign to protecting his farming and rural communities and fighting more generally for the local community in Parliament. He will be also fighting for investment in high streets across North West Durham (which you can see here) and will also be campaigning for education in the constituency to be improved so that all children across North West Durham have the same educational opportunities as their peers across the rest of the UK.

On a national level, Richard spoke about the work he will be doing to prevent people getting into harm, financial or otherwise, as a result of gambling. He also pledged to campaign for further investment into the Pause programme and has promised to campaign for a review of legal aid. He has also committed to campaigning to reverse the motorhomes tax, which disproportionately affects the people of North West Durham – you can read about Richard’s successful campaign for this here

Finally, Richard thanked the people of North West Durham for electing him in the general election and promised to pay their trust in him back over the next few years and to work as hard as he can for all of his constituents. You can read the full list of Richard’s promises to the people of North West Durham by visiting this link -

If you have an issue that you would like Richard to help with, you can find out information about how to get in touch with him and his office here or you can email him at If you would like to sign up to receive updates about the work Richard is doing, you can sign up by using the form on this page or by filling out the form here.