Homes for Ukraine

Richard Holden MP welcomes the 'Homes for Ukraine' scheme to house Ukrainian refugees.

The Government has just announced a significant plan to offer refuge for more Ukrainian refugees to come to Britain and to the safety of our shores: Homes for Ukraine. This will allow an uncapped amount of non-family tied Ukrainians to live in the UK for up to three years. Not only will they be welcomed into a warm home, but they will also be able to send their kids to schools and apply for funding they may need. By volunteering their home, those who partake in the scheme will get £350 a month from the Government for living expenses. This is the link to offer your home:

Richard Holden MP welcomes that the Home Office has waived the application fee for immediate family members of Ukrainians and includes a new visa for those not eligible for family visas which means they will be able to stay in the UK for 12 months. Furthermore, Ukrainian nationals already here will not be subject to visa charges for changing their visa; settled Ukrainians in the UK can bring over immediate Ukrainian family members; and those with temporary employment visas have had their visa automatically extended until 31 December 2022.


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